Dan Murphy


Dan Murphy has extensive experience as a criminal trial lawyer and has both prosecuted and defended hundreds of criminal law cases across Canada. He spent four years as a prosecutor in Newfoundland and Labrador, acting as the sole prosecutor on the Burin Peninsula where he gained a deep knowledge of criminal law. While in Ontario, Dan practiced exclusively as a criminal trial lawyer, at all levels of court. He practiced in Red Deer as a prosecutor in one of Alberta’s busiest jurisdictions, before becoming a founding partner of Murphy Dolan in 2020.

Dan obtained his Juris Doctorate in Law from Osgoode University in 2010. He attended the University of Western Ontario and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree with honours in Political Science in 2004. Dan was then awarded a full scholarship from the University of Western Ontario and completed a Master’s degree in International Relations.

Dan Murphy is a strong believer in the need to be not only a strong advocate but also to provide transparency and mutual respect between a lawyer and their client. Through his experience as both a prosecutor and defence lawyer, he understands what is needed to successfully negotiate with prosecution offices and more importantly, what to do in the event such negotiations fail.

He has successfully assisted hundreds of clients through the court system in a transparent, respectful and knowledgeable manner.

Dan Murphy is available to defend clients in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Fort Saskatchewan and Stoney plain. 


You are charged with a criminal offence. Now what?

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